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Are You Gonna Eat That? El Chucho’s Blood Sausage Sope

The Dish: Sope de Moronga Where to Get It: El Chucho, 3313 11th St. NW; (202) 290-3313 Price: $9 What It Is: A fried corn flour crust filled with loose pork blood sausage, topped with fresh tomatoes and a shiso leaf. What It Tastes Like: What might happen if Aztecs were allowed to make sloppy joes. […]

Andrew Zimmern Cries Uncle in Thailand

You'll have to indulge me here. I want to share this video less because of its gross-out factor and more because of this hilarious piece from Serious Eats writer Jillian Madison who offers a blow-by-blow account of poor Andrew Zimmern's encounter with, ahem, rustic Thai cooking on Bizarre Foods. Every stunt-food host has his limitations. […]

Food News You Can Use: ‘Top Chef’ in D.C. Gossip

Y&H is no Reliable Source, but even this food scribe is occasionally thrown a scrap of gossip about all the Top Chef shenanigans going on in the District. Like yesterday, a source told me that some white-jacket types were seen cooking in the building across the street from NPR's headquarters at 635 Massachusetts Ave. NW. […]

Saudi Man Breaks Record by Eating 22 Live Scorpions

I think the happy vibraphone music makes this even creepier.