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The Case for Dram & Grain’s $135 “Sacred Slaughter” Cocktail

"The discerning wine drinker won't question that a bottle of wine is worth, say, $400 or $500. When cocktails get this rarified and the ingredients are well chosen and exquisite, there's no reason that they shouldn't command the same price."

Whiskey Business

Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Adams Morgan claims to stock the largest whiskey collection in the western hemisphere. I walked in as a dark-liquor dunce, daunted by the 1,200 different bottles on the menu, and walked out a fledgling whiskey nerd. To help you do the same, owner Bill Thomas showed off five bottles that […]

Beyond the Single Malt: At Jack Rose, Craft Beer Flows Like Scotch

      [Editor's note: There are corrections to this article noted the bottom. ] "No bottles," Brian Kruglak tells me. Behind him in the main bar and dining room of Jack Rose, the forthcoming booze emporium in Adams Morgan,  I see three full walls of empty shelves. Of course there will be some bottles: […]