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Big Chair Coffee Not Quite Dead, Just Resting

Reports of Big Chair Coffee's demise may have been exaggerated. Neighborhood blog And Now, Anacostia on Tuesday published an obit for the long under-served area's first stand-alone coffee shop. That death notice has since been retracted: "Big Chair is NOT ACTUALLY CLOSED. Sources were mistaken. However, they are still actively looking for a buyer, and […]

Big Chair in Black and White

Over on City Desk, staff photographer Darrow Montgomery has just published a series of black and white pictures of Big Chair Coffee N' Grill in Anacostia, which has to be the most-talked about java shop since Murky imploded on Capitol Hill. You can take a peek at Montgomery's mesmerizing shots here.

Big Chair Coffee: Big News for Anacostia

Nearly four years ago, WCP senior writer Jason Cherkis explained the woeful state of the sit-down restaurant in Ward 8. He summed it up in one concise sentence: "Ward 8’s culinary culture right now is the carryout."  Consider this excerpt: People don’t power-lunch in Ward 8. For the most part, people who eat out communicate […]