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Guest Chefs Team Up with Columbia Room’s Derek Brown for Dinners

The Columbia Room, Derek Brown's prix-fixe cocktail counter hidden behind the Passenger, is bringing in outside chefs for a series of tag-team dinners. The details are predictably complicated and fussy.  According to a press release, "Each chef will join Derek Brown behind the bar and prepare two dishes that Derek will pair with hand crafted […]

How Will Inox’s Closing Affect the RAMMY Awards?

The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington hosts the annual RAMMY Awards on Sunday at the Marriott Wardman Park, and the question foremost on Y&H's mind is this: How will Inox's recent closing affect the ceremony, if at all? If you haven't heard, the celebrated, triple-chef-threat Inox closed this weekend. Chef Jon Mathieson shared the bad […]

Area Chefs and Restaurateurs Claim 18 Noms on the Beard Semi-finalists’ List for 2010

Just call Derek Brown, left, Mr. Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional Y&H is a behind on this (hey, if you want excuses, I got a million of 'em!), but I wanted to offer my congratulations to the local semi-finalists for this year's James Beard Awards. It's an impressive list, one filled with many of Y&H's […]

And the Winner of Our Restaurant Week Review Contest Is…

If the reviews submitted for our Restaurant Week writing contest are any indication of the places you frequented during the come-hither promotion, then Hook was very, very busy. No less than three readers entered reviews of the Georgetown seafood emporium. Perhaps this explains why the gifted chef Jonathan Seningen left the restaurant shortly after RW was over. […]

Chow Down for Haitian Earthquake Relief

It hasn't even been a week since the 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, but I bet you've already been hit up 500 times for a donation to help the victims. You can barely turn to a Web site, a restaurant, a party, or a social network without finding some solicitation asking for more cash for […]

Dish of the Week: Grilled Sardines at Bibiana

Technically, I guess this is more like Appetizer of the Week, but the sardine antipasto ($12) at Bibiana packs so many humble pleasures on one plate that I couldn't resist plugging a starter instead of an entree. Chef Nicholas Stefanelli buys his fresh whole sardines twice a week from Portugal, debones them in house, and […]

More Good News for Bajaj: He’s One of D.C.’s Most Powerful People

So says GQ magazine, which runs down the list of D.C. heavyweights in its November issue. Most of the folks on the list are pols or the power behind pols or the eyes watching pols. Ashok Bajaj makes the cut, apparently, because he feeds the pols and treats them all with respect. Bajaj tells GQ […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on the Young & Hungry Blog

It's official. People have gone batshit for Select 55. Or at least batshit for our post on the beer. It tops the list once again this week. I think I'll go drown my sorrows in a real beer. Budweiser Launches Select 55, Light Beer Arms Race Gets Absurd Looking for a Little Practice, Bibiana Jumps […]

Y&H Speaks Italian Today on WAMU

You can't throw a meatball — no, sorry, a gnocco slathered in goat ragu — without hitting some downtown Italian restaurant these days. I wrote about the crowded field in a recent Y&H column, but since that piece, Bibiana has opened and more Italian places are planned for neighborhoods just around the perimeter of downtown, including a […]

Looking for a Little Practice, Bibiana Jumps the Gun and Opens for Service Today

Ashok Bajaj put his Bibiana cooks and servers through six different practice runs this week, in preparation for what was supposed to be a Monday, Sept. 7, opening. So why did the downtown osteria and enoteca open today instead? "Practice, practice, practice," Bajaj tells Y&H this afternoon. "Like everything else, we needed a little bit […]