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Last Night’s Leftovers: Eat Your Cereal Edition

15 classic cereal commercials throughout the decades [HuffPost] After 170 years at the bottom of the ocean, bottles of wine sell for more than $156,000 [Bloomberg] Betty White drinks Grey Goose on the rocks at The Palm [Reliable Source] Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brunch at Martin's Tavern, where Richard Nixon also ate, on 40th anniversary […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Even without its brewpub option, Fire Station 1 Restaurant and Brewing Co. continues to fascinate readers, if only to see how far the Silver Spring project has strayed from its original plan. Whatever the reason, you clicked on this item by the hundreds, making it the most popular post from last week. It just barely […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

District Taco was forced to find a new location to sell its hand-held snacks. Her fan base has spoken: They clearly don't want former Gibson bartender Tiffany Short to leave town! They've expressed their support for the talented mixologist by making our farewell story the most-popular item from last week. It even beat out a […]

Betty White’s Muffin Skit on SNL

Y&H just had a chance to see this. It's a priceless parody of the Splendid Table. Video courtesy of NBC.

Jimmy Fallon Takes on Betty White in Beer Pong

How far down the International Beer Pong Rankings did Jimmy Fallon have to go until he finally found someone he could beat in everyone's favorite bar sport? Well, I don't see Betty White's name anywhere on this list. I'll tell you what, though: White knows how to knock back a cold one.