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The Super List: October 2010

Before officially ringing in the new year, I am looking back at 2010 to reminisce about all the delicious beers I came across. (I am also playing catch-up on last year's New Year's resolution. Still counts, right?) This Super List post has the beers that tickled my fancy in October, consisting of some timely fresh-hopped beers, […]

The Super List: September 2010

All this end-of-the-year catch up on Super List writing is turning out to be a nice way to reminisce about the fantastic beers I enjoyed in 2010 (but it's also making me very thirsty). Below are beers that earned my "super" rating in the month of September, where I got them, and what I thought of […]

The Super List: August 2010

The year-end month-by-month playback continues with my Super List for August. Most of the month's beers were consumed at friend's homes instead of out at bars or organized beer events, but I attended my first of what turned out to be a hybrid between the two experiences, a local tasting. I was invited to a local meet […]

The Super List: June 2010

In these last days of 2010, thinking about New Year's resolutions made me realize I didn't quite follow through on one from last year. The Super List, my plan to thumb through my beer journal at the end of each month and post a list of beers I deemed worthy of a "super" rating, dropped off […]