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French Restaurant Maxime Replaces Rialto in Georgetown

One of the main attractions is steak frites.

Sold! The Guards Sign Finds a Buyer

When the owners of Rialto put the old wooden sign for The Guards, which previously occupied their Georgetown space, up for auction with a starting bid of $10,000, things did not look promising. After no initial takers, the owners lowered the price to $5,000. (Co-owner Ben Kirane claimed to Y&H that $10,000 was actually an error and […]

Want to Dine in Rialto’s Basement? Ditch the Flip-Flops.

Restaurant dress codes have gone the way of the three-martini lunch. But that's not stopping Rialto, a new Italian restaurant opening in Georgetown tomorrow, from instituting one. A dress code will apply only to the more formal downstairs dining room and lounge dubbed the Sala Grifone. That's the Italian translation of "Gryphon Room," which is […]