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Sooo 2011: Boozy Beets

Our pick for most unlikely cocktail ingredient of the year: beets—which turned up in a number of libations, including a pair of recipes at PS7's. Y&H special boozy correspondent Trixie Tamerlane got to the root of the matter back in June. The purplish veggie also earned a spot in our "Annotated Guide to 2011." What […]

Bánh Mì, Drinky Beets, Bready Controversy: Our Look Back at the Year in Food & Drink

In this week's dead-tree edition of Washington City Paper, you'll find our Annotated Guide to 2011, which includes all sorts of nods to the trends and personalities that shaped the year in food and drink: everything from beets you can drink to the sudden bánh mì craze, not to mention the rebirth of local brewing […]

Root of the Matter: Beets and Booze at PS7’s

Talk about a better way to get my daily allowance! I would take this over V8 any day of the week. PS7's frothy $14 combination of San Luis Del Rio Mezcal, muddled pineapple and beets, and a few dashes of beet syrup, was captivating enough for me to ignore the dish of seasoned popcorn that […]

Quick Feeding: President Obama Dislikes Beets

No Beets for President Obama? Here's a reminder for anyone cooking for the president on short notice. He doesn't like beets. "[The Source's Scott] Drewno made sure to take the beets off that Arctic char dish because the president doesn’t like them, a tidbit he had known beforehand." [WaPo, NYT] Congrats, D.C.! We aren't in […]