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Infinium: Ahead of Its Time or Failed Experiment?

Since writing a post last month about Infinium, the champagne-like beer made by brewers from the Boston Beer Company (makers of the Samuel Adams line) and Weihenstephan Brewery in Germany, I've been curious to learn how it's been received. (Not enough to carry that thought home to my laptop after encountering one of those sexy bottles […]

Birch & Barley/ChurchKey’s Greg Engert to Guest Blog on Y&H

Starting Friday, Y&H will be on vacation, far from computers and their crack-like ability to keep me addicted to them. No, I'll be sleeping late, eating well, and trying to hide my spare tire with beach towels. This is not the news. The news is Greg Engert, beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, including […]

2009: The Year in Beer News #1

And now, a year-in-review look at beer happenings beyond DC. Today we bring you the first of two collections of snapshots of last year's national (and international) beer news stories. You'll laugh, you'll cry, so grab some tissues because Y&H is about to get all "graduation slide show." Beer Wars: Brewed in America – The […]

‘Dude, Name Our Beer!’

The Extreme Beer Fest to be held in Boston this February 19 and 20 will feature a new, as-yet unnamed brew–a collaboration between Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione and Jason and Todd Alstrom, editors of Beer Advocate magazine, which is sponsoring the festival. The beer is scheduled to be brewed this month at Dogfish Head's facility in Milton, […]

Beer 101 and Beyond: Our Top Five

We consider ourselves humble students of beer, always looking for a good new book or website, and frequently checking the ones we have grown to trust. Yesterday during a panel at the Women Chef and Restaurateurs National Conference, Tammy and several other regional beeries were asked for some good sources on beer. It got us thinking: […]

My Top 5 Desert Island Beers. What Are Yours?

A sixer of Dale's to go — on your desert island I've had, and still do have, a proclivity toward lists and the ranking of favorites. High Fidelity inspires desert island-record discussions. Fantasy football drafts are a drug. And as tykes, my brother and I would sit cross-legged in the living room, surrounded by sorted mounds […]