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Rage Against the Latrine: Can Bars Elevate Bathroom Graffiti and Penis Sketches?

The assault on the rabbi might have stung the most. The staff of Red Derby discovered the bathroom painting defaced with thick, black marker scrawls one night about two years ago. Not long after, George Washington and the Virgin Mary were hit. Like barroom kudzu, the graffiti had spread slowly throughout the walls of the […]

Here’s Video of Alan Popovsky Showing Off Lincoln’s Lascivious Lavatory

This week's City Paper cover story explores the bizarre phenomenon of sexy bathroom artwork in D.C. restaurants. One stop on our tour of the city's most lascivious lavatories: Lincoln restaurant in downtown D.C. Here's the video I mentioned, filmed by the online news service Dining Bisnow, in which proprietor Alan Popovsky shows off the place. […]

One Concept You Likely Will Never Find in America

The beauty of this "deli," spotted on a main drag in Playa del Carmen in Mexico, is that you can pick up a pre-made sub sandwich — and immediately follow it with an Imodium chaser. (By the way, be sure to check out the helpful and hilarious bathroom finder on the Imodium Web site; it […]

The Matchbox Dare: Dry Your Hands in the ‘Airblade’

I've taken a lot of pictures in restaurants, but over the years, I've never snapped one in a restaurant's bathroom—until this past weekend, when I stopped at the new Matchbox in Barracks Row. After washing my hands, I turned to look for a paper towel. Not finding one, I looked for a hand dryer. I […]