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Which Foods at Nationals Park Have the Biggest Mark-Up?

The reality of marked-up prices on food and beverage at the ballpark isn't exactly a secret—no one paying nine bucks for a can of Miller Lite believes it's a bargain. But with the arrival of so many stadium outposts from D.C. dining establishments, Nats fans can figure out exactly how much they're getting fleeced on […]

Busted: Baby Beer Bottle


The Hardest Working Folks in Professional Sports: Beer Vendors

Carrie and I took the night off to watch the Nats takes on the Phils at Citizens Bank Park Nationals Stadium, where the opponent's fans seemed to outnumber the locals by three to one. The beer vendors must have loved it, given the average Philly fan can drink a gummit wonk under the table (stadium […]

Beer Over Baseball: What’s Available at Nationals Park?

Tom Cizauskas at Yours for Good Fermentables has a great post today, discussing whether the Orioles or our very own Nationals have a better ballpark when it comes to beer. He decides in favor of Camden Yards, noting that the Nationals have a larger selection, but fail when it comes to incorporating local beers into […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: Play Ball!

Few things make me happier in the dead of winter than reading this phrase in the sports section: pitchers and catchers report. It's spring training time and despite the steroids and the gross imbalance of power in the sport, I still love baseball. The snap of a fastball in a catcher's mitt. The crack of […]