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The Hungries: The Best and Worst of D.C. Restaurants in 2015

For some reason, people are still opening "speakeasies" and steakhouses.

Ranking D.C.’s Avocado Toast

Who does it best?

Where to Get Your Tiki On This Summer

If you can’t afford that tropical vacation, here are some places where you can at least get a decent mai tai.

Barmini Has The Fanciest Philly Cheesesteak You’ll Ever Eat in Waffle Form

Filled with an aged Vermont cheddar espuma and topped with caramelized onions and carpaccio-thin American Kobe beef, the $12 dish practically dissolves in your mouth.

The D.C. Area’s Most Absurd Cocktails

Dumpling shooters, lip balm pairings, ice cream sandwich luge, and more!

Occupy Bar Seat: Last Call? No, Just the End of Your Reservation.

Dram & Grain and other cocktail bars only allow two hour reservations.

Barmini Bartender Brings Together Art, Food, and Booze with Tea Time DC

Barmini bartender Carlie Steiner has long prided herself on her epic dinner parties. “I’d call up like 40 of my friends,” she says. “Granted, it ended up being more of a party than a dinner party by the end of the night.” Someone would inevitably break out a guitar. A friend’s art would hang on […]

The Most Expensive New Years Eve Reservation in D.C.? Minibar.

Thought Minibar couldn't get any pricier? Wrong. Reservations for New Years Eve will cost $275 per person for the 6 p.m. seating and $350 for the 9 p.m. seating—excluding tax and tip. (Normally, Minibar charges $225 per person. Alcoholic drink pairings—$75 to $200—are extra.) Guests can snag the six seats at José's Table, the even […]

Chefs of Heads of State Eat Oysters at Union Market, Drink Cocktails at Barmini

Yesterday, the Club des Chefs des Chefs, an elite association of chefs for heads of state from all over the world, visited Union Market for a tour and luncheon at Rappahannock Oyster Bar. Each year, the club meets in a different country to explore the local gastronomy and talk diplomacy through food, and for the first time […]

Proof of Purchase: Cocktail Prices Are Reaching New Highs. How Much is Too Much?

Even though I know it’s coming, it’s hard not to feel sticker shock when I get the bill at The Rye Bar in Georgetown’s new Capella hotel. On my tab: a $22 Manhattan and an $18 Old Fashioned. With tax and tip, the whole thing rounds out to $50. For two drinks. Don’t get me […]