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Brew In Town: Bardo Zeus IPA

The refreshing, six percent alcohol, dark amber brew is made with only Zeus hops, not a variety often used on its own.

Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Local Brews You Should Drink During Beer Week

Local breweries have been working to create special releases for this year’s D.C. Beer Week. The innovative brews here show an impressive range of what Washington’s zymurgists have to offer—from low-alcohol near-beers to highly rare and heady big brews, and even some recipes recreated from the early 19th century. These are the most interesting ones […]

Bardo Brewpub Is Now Actually a Brewpub

A year after its opening, Bardo Brewpub is finally brewing beer. Brothers Andrew and Bill Stewart began producing their first brew—a ginger beer—Tuesday, and it should be on tap in about a week and a half. Other beers, including a stout and IPA, are about three weeks away. The Stewarts plan to eventually resurrect all 24 […]

Bardo Brewpub Tapping 14-Year-Old Keg From Its Old Brewery

Bardo Brewpub, the open air bar on Bladensburg Road NE that has become a popular spot to catch an outdoor movie, play cornhole, or sit and drink beer while your dog roams around the 15,000 square-foot lot, will be pouring an ultra rare beer next weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 26, at 3 p.m., Bardo will tap […]

Work Those Buns: Shake Shack Starts a Running Club

Want to immediately cancel out your work out? Shake Shack has a new running club for you. The New York-based chain will soon launch Shack Track & Field, a running club that ends its hour-long workout with a social at Shake Shack Dupont Circle. The club will meet at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday […]

Bardo Brewpub Opens on Bladensburg Road NE Tonight

Tonight at 5 p.m., brothers Bill and Andrew Stewart will finally open their resurrected brewpub Bardo, an Arlington beer institution in the 1990s, on a grassy lot at 1200 Bladensburg Road NE. The brewery component is still awaiting permits, and it will take at least three weeks before Bardo is able to produce its own […]

Bardo Brewpub Considering Squat Toilets for Women

Should the women's restroom at forthcoming Bardo brewpub have squat toilets? There's been a, uh, stream of comments responding to the idea since co-owner Bill Stewart posed the question on Facebook. "Okay Females!," he writes. "We are trying to set up the Women's bathroom to make everyone happy. question for today... Would ladies use / prefer […]