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Vegan Haven Braces for Meaty Future: Big Changes Coming to Asylum

Construction begins Monday to covert the ground-level section of vegan brunch spot Asylum in Adams Morgan into a yet-unnamed barbecue and beer joint along the same lines as Standard and American Ice Company. Owner John Andrade tells WaPo the transition could take four weeks “if everything goes well," or up to six weeks “if there […]

Quick Feeding: Parking Lot Barbecue Meets Hank Dietle’s Tavern

Rockville Pike Roadhouse Roadtrip: While the area's robust food truck scene "has been slow to hit Montgomery County," there are three new options and "more on the way." The most exciting may be Branded '72's outpost in "the parking lot of the ancient Hank Dietle’s Tavern; I ate on the porch with a sleeping old […]

Just Like Mom: When Busy, Hill Country Resorts to French’s Fried Onions

My friend was quite surprised when I invited her to lunch at the pork-loving Hill Country. The New York transplant features Texas-style barbecue (particularly Austin barbecue), alive with true Pitmasters carving up lots of smoked pork. But for my vegetarian tendencies, I carved out my own meal with a few meat-free sides. The Texas Black-Eyed Caviar, […]

Q&A: Hill Country’s Marc Glosserman Talks Barbecue

A friend and I have had an evolving discussion on the rise of urban barbecue joints that we’ve never really resolved. He says barbecue, no matter what style, loses something in translation from the country to the city. After all, it's a wonderful thing to eat barbecue in a shack off some rural road from […]

Screw You Super Bowl, the Championships Are Where It’s At

The NFL playoffs are coming, if you haven’t noticed. Three weekends of football are all we have left before the biggest Sunday night party of the year sends us back to the office Monday morning in a stupor. I’ve never loved Super Bowl parties. The game mercifully starts at 6:30 p.m., but somehow the event […]

Hardy’s Barbecue Available on the Streets of Bethesda

It was the sign that hooked me. There it was, a simple hand-painted sandwich board straddling the median on Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. Its message was direct: PIT BBQ. An arrow pointed right. I turned right. I eventually ran right into Hardy's, a big white truck parked just outside the Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative. The […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Mr. P’s Ribs & Fish

The last time I visited Mr. P’s converted school bus in the back of a Safeway parking lot, the aging senior responsible for this mobile barbecue operation was nowhere to be found. Perhaps that’s not unusual for a 74-year-old pitmaster trying to quit the smoke business. But if I know anything about barbecue, it’s this: […]

Y&H Talks to Joe Yonan About WaPo’s New Barbecue Column, Smoke Signals

Jim Shahin at work If you didn't read Jim Shahin's debut barbecue column, Smoke Signals, in yesterday's Washington Post, stop whatever you're doing right now and check it out. It's funny, it's well-reported, and it has to be one of the best Food Section debuts in years. I'd say that even if Jim weren't my […]

The Business of Smoking Meats

This week's Young & Hungry column checks in with three different barbecue houses, each with its own method for smoking ribs, brisket, chicken, and sausage. Blue Ribbon BBQ uses a Southern Pride unit, which combines smoke and gas; KBQ relies on a J&R Manufacturing pit that kicks on an electric element when the temperature drops […]

Spot Check: Capital Q BBQ

You experience sort of a reverse Wizard of Oz moment when you enter Capital Q BBQ. Rather than waltzing into a surreal, Technicolor world, you leave behind D.C.'s pictogram-heavy equivalent of Oz and strut into a smoky, two-fisted, virtually black-and-white version of central Texas at this Chinatown haunt. No Munchkin could ever hope to survive […]