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Can Ben’s Chili Bowl Expand and Keep Its Soul?

By 3:30 p.m. the day after Ben’s Chili Bowl opened its new location in Rosslyn last week, the line still stretched to the very back of the restaurant. It’d been that way, if not curving down the sidewalk, since 11 a.m., said co-owner Nizam Ali, when a crowd was already waiting for the doors to […]

Eat the Vote: Blue and Red Cocktails at Policy

Bars, just say no to blue curaçao. It's gross and it's only appeal is that it's, well, blue. I know you want to have blue and red cocktails, but c'mon, get creative. Think outside the ballot box. That's just one of the problems with the cocktails at Policy: the Basil "Barack"-Berry and the Pomegra"Mitt" mojito. […]

Eat the Vote: Romney vs. Obama Fries at Cashion’s Eat Place

Y&H is taking a bite out of election-night coverage with some poll analysis. Food and drink polls, anyway. We'll be hopping around town, pitting red- and blue-inspired specials against each other to determine tonight's victor. We're kicking things off at Cashion's Eat Place, which has traded its regular menu for one full of Obama- and […]

The President Ate Here: What Happens When Barack Obama Dines Out?

It was just after 1 p.m. on a recent Friday when the rumors began to circulate that a VIP guest was coming. Before long, police had blocked off a section of H Street NE, and a big white tent appeared in front of Smith Commons. Crowds swarmed around the edge of the barrier taking photos. […]

Port City Brewing Company Founder to Speak at DNC

The Washington area beer community's love fest with President Barack Obama continues tonight. Port City Brewing Company founder Bill Butcher will speak at the Democratic National Convention sometime between 9 and 9:30 p.m., reports DC Beer. The Alexandria-based brewer, who describes himself as "not a particularly politically involved person," will speak about his experiences as […]

White House Will Release Beer Recipe If It Gets the Signatures

The White House's home brew recipe may not be a state secret for long. A petition started on the White House website asks President Barack Obama's administration to release the recipe for its White House Honey Ale, which made headlines last week after the revelation that Obama stocked it aboard Ground Force One on his trip […]

Barack Obama Coming to Adams Morgan’s Mintwood Place?

Is Adams Morgan's Mintwood Place about to get the Barack Obama seal of approval recently enjoyed by Taylor Gourmet? A crowd outside the restaurant right now thinks so, and the tent in front of the restaurant's entrance and the heavy police presence suggest that something's going on. Eater D.C. notes that the blog Obama Foodorama reports […]

The Making of the Presidential Sandwich 2012

President Barack Obama’s much-buzzed-about visit to Taylor Gourmet Italian Deli on 14th Street NW yesterday ended with an exclamation, according to Taylor co-owner David Mazza. The president took one look at the Spruce Street sandwich he ordered and said, “This is a big sandwich. A BIG SANDWICH.” The leader of the free world then took […]

Obama’s Taylor Gourmet Pick: A Turkey Sandwich

What better place for a roundtable on small businesses than a small business that serves hoagies? That appears to have been the rationale for President Barack Obama's visit to Taylor Gourmet on 14th Street NW this morning. Most of the trip was a platform for Obama to push Congress to pass some initiatives of the […]

The Dubliner Gets The Obama Bump

America's "largest purveyor of Guinness stout" earned the endorsement of the world's most powerful politico over the weekend. President Barack Obama popped into at The Dubliner on Capitol Hill for a pint on St. Patrick's Day. Eater DC has some details and quotes from operator Gavin Coleman, who praises the president's support of local restaurants: […]