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Where to Eat Offal and Awfully Named Dishes For Valentine’s Day

It’s all a bit black-and-white: eternal bliss and flutes of Champagne for the taken, mountains of garlic bread and organ meats for those sending caustic glances their direction.

The Hungries: The Best and Worst of D.C. Restaurants in 2014

What was good, what was bad, and what was just weird in D.C. food this year.

Drink Your Veggies

It’s finally spring—but if you don’t believe the weather, check your highball glass. You’ll find a farmers’ market’s worth of vegetables in seasonal cocktails around town. And none of them is a bloody mary. CELERY Bourbon Steak: Head bartender Jamie MacBain created his Skaal cocktail while working in Portland, Ore. The mix of celery juice, […]

Why Can’t People Stop Stealing From D.C.’s Restaurants?

Peter Ogburn’s life of crime began with a copper mug stuffed down his pants. The radio producer was drinking a Moscow mule at the bar at Senart’s Oyster and Chop House not long after its 2011 opening when the impulse struck him: He’d always wanted one of the shiny cups but had no idea where […]

Highlights (and Lowlights) at This Year’s RAMMY Awards

Sorry, there were no faux-controversies at the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington's RAMMY awards ceremony this year. But that's not to say there weren't some memorable moments: Longest speech: Duke Zeibert Capital Achievement Award winner Linda Lee continued her speech long after the fade out music tried to drown her out. Yes, there is fade out […]

Bar Pilar Considering Anti-Theft Measures for Its Copper Mugs

Bar Pilar bar manager Jonathan Fain is sick and tired of watching his copper mugs walk out the door. Of the 100 or so mugs that the bar uses to serve Moscow Mules, Fain says all but five have been lifted by sticky-fingered customers. Fain offers a simple explanation for the mugs' appeal: "If it […]

Eat the Vote: Two Term Tonic at Bar Pilar

Lets face the facts: Most people out tonight in D.C. voted for Barack Obama. Bar Pilar has no illusions about this. That's why it has one special: The Two Term Tonic. This being election night, of course, there are choices: lemongrass, cranberry-cherry, pomegranate-cucumber, and spicy pineapple ginger. All are $8. Good enough you just might […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Win Six Months Free Happy Hour at Bar Pilar and Café Saint-Ex

Bar Pilar and Café Saint-Ex are finally launching happy hours this October, and they want the public to help choose a theme. Post your ideas for food and drink specials, happy hour times, music, and more on the Facebook pages for Saint-Ex and Bar Pilar. You can submit as many ideas as you want up until […]

Sound Check

“WHY IS IT SO LOUD IN HERE?” Geoff Turner’s voice reverberates through the empty upstairs dining room at Bar Pilar. “OH MY GOD! YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH WHO?” he yells, as he bangs his fist against a wooden table and knocks around a chair. Turner isn’t talking to anyone, but trying to get a sense of […]