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Ba Bay Says Bánh Mì Nine Times Fast

Elevated street food knows no end. It was only a matter of time before the greatest sandwich of all time received the deluxe treatment.  The Source was an early player offering mini bánh mì featuring country pate and pickled jalapeños. Dickson Wine Bar followed suit, slipping meatballs, cilantro and fresh chilies into a flaky baguette from the […]

Bar Food Philandering: Wings Edition

I'm having commitment problems. For years I've been devoted to a single-wing recipe, a beautiful Buffalo rendition characterized by crisp skin, Frank's based sauce and a side of cool blue cheese. Then I went Asian and the rock slide began. Now it seems I'm ravenous for any wing order, so long as the flavors resonate […]

Stetsons’ Cold Food and Warm Beer Do Not Make for a Long-Term Relationship

I just wanted a beer and some fuel before melting into my couch for a much-needed record session. Outside it was dark and cold, and I was so worn down while sitting on a bar stool at Stetsons, I thought there was little that could disappoint me. I waited a few minutes and then flagged […]

Tequila Shots and Fish Tacos at Surfside in Glover Park

My first thought walking into Surfside wasn’t exactly flattering: This place looks like Chipotle meets Folly Beach. Not that there’s anything wrong with Chipotle — I actually like the place — but I came here to write about bar food. I'm sorry, but selling Coronas and margaritas doesn’t make Chipotle a bar anymore than it does […]

Last Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Maybe we should have less food porn on Y&H and more chef porn? Then again, I'm not sure this photo of David Guas qualifies in the latter category, but it would seem to redefine, at least for the readers who flocked to it, the idea of "arm candy." Take a look at your Top 5 […]

Curdling News: The Overuse of Cheese in Bar Food

My weekly trips to Tyson’s Corner have me eating more than my fair share of Chef Geoff’s burgers lately. The namesake sandwich costs only $5 during happy hour and is competently prepared; requesting medium results in a faintly pink and juicy patty nearly every time. My only beef? A second slice of cheese. On a […]

Even Without the Celery, Stoney’s Wings Are Dive-Worthy Again

The last few times I visited Stoney's Bar and Grill, the city was buried under enough snow to hide the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I had to earn my meal by walking in boots that I had yet to break in, on streets that were still thick with accumulation. At the time, I had to […]

Lobster Zone Teases Patrons With Would-Be Lobster Dinner

Down the length of the bar at Ramparts Tavern & Grill patrons line up and burn cigarettes while contraptions suspended from the ceiling create a din of rushing air that competes unfavorable with the nearby jukebox. The slight haze creates an atmosphere that’s almost eerie. Only a few bars in Virginia with separate dining spaces […]

Nachos Libre: Wrestling With a Passable Plate of Tortilla Chips

A plate of nachos reminds me of a gaggle of girls gussied up for a Friday night after too many shots—a hot mess. Corn tortilla chips heaped with globs of refried beans and oily (or worse, processed) melted cheese. Salsa and guacamole in heaps like wet confetti. The flavors certainly complement each other, but something […]

Wing Man: Scott Drewno Stirs Up Szechwan Bar Food at The Source

Even if Bar Louie’s Szechwan wings weren’t at all spicy, they did ignite a fire of sorts. They’ve left me obsessed with Asian-style wings. I thought I could convince Great Wall-Szechuan House to whip me up a batch despite not having wings on the menu. Their ma po tofu had the exact flavor profile I […]