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The Future of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters

Trish Rothgeb of Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters As part of this week's Young & Hungry column on seasonal coffee, I conducted a lengthy interview with Trish Rothgeb, owner and roastmaster of the new Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters, which is based in D.C. Well, sort of based in D.C. If you want an education in green […]

The Truly Awful Thing About the Cupcake Craze: The Wasteful Packaging

Cupcakes from the Bakeshop Everyone, it seems, is going bonkers about cupcakes. Sometimes I like to kid myself that I hate cupcakes, just because they're so freaking popular, but I don't. I'm not crazy about some of the cupcake culture — mostly, the exclusive, Georgetown boutique ambiance of some cupcakeries — but by and large […]

Chinatown Coffee Co. to Get Its Drink On

Chinatown Coffee Co. has decided stimulants aren't enough. It's getting into the depressants game, too. Co-owner Max Brown says the coffee shop has applied for a liquor license with the hopes of pouring beer, wine, and absinthe within two months or so. Brown is clearly jazzed about the planned absinthe bar, which will prepare each drink in the […]

No Jail Time for Cho, But He’s Still Full of Beans

If you haven't read it yet, check out Rend Smith's excellent summation of Nick Cho's sales tax woes. The former mad man at Murky Coffee won't be doing any jail time, but he still has a price to pay: Namely $190,000 in back taxes and penalties. Reports Smith: In order to pay the tax money […]

Bakeshop Finally Has Its Own Place. You Should Be Grateful.

Until Justin Stegall recently opened his own place in the Zoso Flats building (cue "Black Dog," dude) in Clarendon, he was sort of a phantom presence on the scene. His cupcakes could be found at java shops like Chinatown Coffee Co., but he was always just a name, sometimes just a first name, without either face or […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Domino's Pizza: Perhaps doesn't suck as hard as it used to? The snowmageddon has laid waste to most of our weekend plans here at Y&H Central, which is a pisser. Maybe Carrie and I will, instead, take part in the urban adventure offered by a few restaurants and bars, which are planning to ride the […]

Cupcake Craze Hits NoVa: Alexandria and Clarendon Shops Open

If you had suggested 10 years ago that designer cupcakeries, selling cute little treats at $3 a pop, would one day compete with donut shops for our sweet tooth's attention, I would have backed away slowly, hoping I could escape before your thoughts turned to Armageddon and Christ's second coming. But these days, I'm starting to feel like […]