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Get Your Crunkcakes At The Pug This Weekend

Hungry for spiked sweets? Crunkcakes creators Faith Alice Sleeper and Raychel Sabath will be hawking their booze-fueled baked goods at H Street Bakes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, Sept. 10,  at the Pug, 1234 H Street NE. Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Quick Feeding: Amid Cupcake Influx, Warren Brown Bolsters His Empire

Moving Around the Corner: In case you thought the D.C. area's continued influx of new cupcakeries and other bakeries hawking frosted treats might be putting pressure on Warren Brown and his Cake Love enterprise, the veteran lawyer-turned-baked-goods empresario is not bending under the pressure! While he is shutting down his CakeLove location in Silver Spring, […]

Former Scientist Hits the Streets in Sweetbites Truck

From the little window in her new Sweetbites truck, Sandra Panetta told me she had just quit her job at the EPA the day before. I asked if she were a scientist, and Panetta said she was, a biochemist in fact. According to her own short bio page, the scientist didn't just up and quit […]

Reader Feedbag: Two Recipes from Hilary Nelson

As promised earlier, here are two recipes submitted by Hilary Nelson, aka the Cupcake Avenger, who responded to Y&H's call for good, home-bound meals to get us through the Snowmageddon last month. You might think that snow brings out Hilary's taste for the white stuff — sugar, that is — but she's always hankering for […]