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Pigs Take Flight at Eola in Dupont

Until Sunday, I never thought I'd see the words "bacon" and "flight" together in one sentence. But just spotting the "bacon flight" on Eola's brunch menu made me laugh out loud, partly out of pure ticklish delight and partly from the cholesterol-laden absurdity of the term. I knew, of course, that resistance was futile. I […]

The One Thing Bacon Isn’t Good For: Space Rockets

Jim Gaffigan may need to revise his stand-up routine to deal with this bacon tragedy.

Jim Gaffigan on Bacon

Jim Gaffigan – Bacon – KING BABY – CD and DVD Available NOW! – watch more funny videos Y&H is beginning to think Jim Gaffigan should do an entire stand-up routine around food. He already has bits on Hot Pockets and vegetarians.

How to Cook the Perfect Bacon

It is Y&H's contention that home cooks sometimes stick to their personal techniques, even when those techniques are wrong and produce an inferior product.'s primer on cooking bacon shows that even ingredients that taste good, no matter how poorly you treat, them can improve by following a few simple procedures.

World’s Oldest Person Enjoys Sweets and Extra Crispy Bacon

OK, Y&H is not going to make too big a deal about this. After all, one person's experience does not exactly qualify as scientific evidence, and besides, there are so many factors, aside from diet, that go into one's longevity. Luck being one. (Can we please keep this in mind the next time a scientific […]

Squeeze Bottle Bacon Is Only a Joke….for Now

Give Your Favorite Web Site Something to Chew On

Since Young & Hungry started this whole crazy blogging business last fall, he's developed a number of blogals (short for blog pals, trademark pending). What do blogals do? We obsessively read each other's sites to see what we can steal. Today, I'm stealing this little item from blogal Metrocurean: It's a small snippet of code […]