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Quick Feeding: Parking Lot Barbecue Meets Hank Dietle’s Tavern

Rockville Pike Roadhouse Roadtrip: While the area's robust food truck scene "has been slow to hit Montgomery County," there are three new options and "more on the way." The most exciting may be Branded '72's outpost in "the parking lot of the ancient Hank Dietle’s Tavern; I ate on the porch with a sleeping old […]

Roberto Donna Is Paying Off His Tax Debt to Arlington

When last we heard from Roberto Donna, the chef had just 'fessed up to felony embezzlement for withholding more than $140,000 in meals taxes from Arlington County.  The only way Donna avoided a five-year prison sentence was to promise to pay back that cash, which totaled $156,330.96 with penalties and interest. The threat of jail […]