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Mea Culpa Burger With Fries: Big Board Brothers Get a Fast Lesson in Food PR

Public relations is a crucial part of the restaurant business. Brothers Eric and Mark Flannery have learned that the hard way, having to put out their first fire before the flames of their burger grill are even lit. The brothers Flannery began work on their forthcoming new restaurant, a planned gourmet burger joint called The […]

Toki Outtakes: Don’t Forget the Funyuns

Inevitably with every good interview, there is never enough space to fit every interesting detail. Herewith, the first in a series of outtakes from Young & Hungry's profile of the "Toque of the Town." On my first visit to Toki Underground, the H Street corridor's hugely hyped new ramen joint, my friends and I were […]

Granville Moore’s Looking to Expand This Fall. The Only Question Is, Which Way?

Historically during the weekends, the wait at Granville Moore's has bordered on the absurd or, to put it in more recent terms, on the lobster truck-esque. Some folks willingly wander around the Atlas District for two hours or more in order to secure a table at chef Teddy Folkman's moules frites emporium. Which is the […]

The Fruit Bat Bar Opens Tonight on H Street

The Latin-infused Fruit Bat bar opens tonight at 1236 H St. NE,  in the former home of the H Street Martini Lounge. The new bar offers an array of fresh-fruit cocktails, tapas, and cushy seats, and just as important,  its South American décor, reminiscent of a Colombian summer, almost erases the grit and construction zone […]

New Chef de Cuisine at Granville Moore’s Is Expanding the Menu

UPDATED: 1:31 p.m. Aug. 3 New chef de cuisine Maria Evans has been working with Teddy Folkman for nearly two months now at Granville Moore's, quietly tinkering and expanding the menu, and nobody knew about it.  What gives? How could they have kept this under wraps so long? "It's a challenging kitchen," says a spokeswoman […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: The Liberty Tree

Listen, I don’t care if Liberty Tree chef Graig Glufling used to work at Matchbox, that small chain dedicated to equally small burgers and wood-fired pizzas. I still can’t recommend his crackerlike pies in good conscience. Besides, why go to an eatery committed to New England coastal cooking and order a flatbread that plenty of […]

Argonaut Down by Fire; Tavern Hopes to Re-Open By August

UPDATED: 5:47 p.m., 6/21/2010 The irrepressible Chris Shott has more information on the Sunday morning fire that closed down the Argonaut, one of Y&H's top five eateries for onion rings. (And if you've had the Arognaut's honey-drizzled rings, you know that's not damning with faint praise.) Shott also draws upon his past as a D.C. […]

Food News You Can Use: Getting Baja Fresh

It's an issue that brick-and-mortar restaurants have been bitching about in other cities for awhile now: that food carts and food trucks steal their business. Now the battle has reached the D.C. area. We Love DC reports that the beloved District Taco has been forced to relocate because of complaints from Baja Fresh in Rosslyn. […]

Biergarten Haus Will Open May 14

Let the countdown commence! The much-anticipated Biergarten Haus will open a week from today. We've long lamented the absence of a German beer garden in this city, but no longer. The place looks great. Check out Drew Long's post at DCFoodies for a preview. (See Going Out Guru Fritz Hahn's piece for more pictures.) The […]

The Habit of Change at Sticky Rice

The young waiter was efficient as hell, and he had to be. Sticky Rice was packed solid on a Tuesday night. Potential customers were lingering by the door, hoping to get a taste of the joint's B-grade sushi and tater tots. (Hey, here's an idea: Why don't you add a few more toasted sesame seeds to […]