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The Reversal of Outrage Over the USDA and Cheese

On Sunday, Nov. 7, The New York Times published a story that spelled out the U.S. Department of Agriculture's hypocritical role in America's dietary life: The agency that pushes for healthier diets, the paper pointed out, has simultaneously created and partially funded a marketing group designed to add tons more cheese into our lives via […]

The Tax on Sodas Starts This Fall, But Will It Work?

The D.C. Council didn't exactly pass a soda tax, but it did the next best thing: It extended the 6 percent sales tax on, as D.C. Wire noted, "sodas and other 'non-alcoholic beverages with natural or artificial sweeteners.'" Call it whatever you like, but sodas will be taxed starting Oct. 1. The main question, of […]

Derek Brown Samples Some Modern Moonshine

Max Watman, author of Chasing the White Dog, introduces Atlantic contributor/Passenger entrepreneur Derek Brown and magazine editor Rachael Brown to some good old American moonshine. Moonshine cherries, too. Anybody know where to buy some of the illicit alcohol in the D.C. metro area? If so, e-mail me!

The Global Fight Over Meat Eating

History, I think, will look back at the early 21st century as an important period in our developing attitude about greenhouse gases and global warming — and about how far we were willing to go to change our habits.  The fact is, there are many powerful forces, with seriously vested interests, who don't want us […]

Grant Achatz Argues That Celebrity Chefs Shouldn’t Be Tied to the Kitchen

Grant Achatz writes a regular column for the Atlantic Food Channel, in which the Alinea chef ruminates over a variety of subjects in a straight-forward, no-nonsense style. His latest piece argues that celebrity chefs, such as, well, Grant Achatz, can do more good for their restaurants, their employees, their brand, and even their customers by […]