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The Deconstructed Potato Artini

The boys from the City Paper chase down the ghost of Derrida at Hudson's Restaurant & Lounge. Oh, Momma! Brian's take: I find it ironic that it was not until the very last of these 15 grueling tastings that we got to try an actual, real live, honest-to-goodness, no strings-attached straight-up martini. That is, if […]

The Byzantine

Brian's take: There's nothing I enjoy more than a good basil leaf. (All right, well there are probably a few things I enjoy more, but not many I tell you, not many.) The "Byzantine" at Hook had several such leaves floating in it, which made for quite the aromatic drinking experience. Unfortunately, however, the smelling […]

The Apple Gêlée

Brian's take: The artini at Perry's was about as complex as its name is long: "Perry's Sangria Pipette and Apple Gelee Martini." Now I'm a simple guy, but I have to say that in this unique case, more was actually more. Talk about sweating the details–Perry's artini had psychedelic colors, a titillating texture (imagine what […]

And the winner is…

With the bracing knowledge that all things must pass, we bittersweetly report that last night was the grand finale of Artini Season '08, a climactic blowout at the Corcoran. We laughed, we cried...we drank artinis (those that were available, that is; only the Goldini, the D'Ici, and the Dolly Madison were in attendance). Between sips, […]

The Dolly Madison

The Park 920 14th St. NW Tanqueray gin Bit of Chambord Lemon juice ...and a splash of cranberry juice Brian's take: I enjoyed the Dolly Madison, but I have to say the drink was drowned out by the fierce lights and furious sound system that commanded The Park on the Thursday evening we visited. It […]

The Wild Orchid

Lotus Lounge 1420 K St. NW Vodka Peach schnapps Peach nectar Cranberry juice Orange juice Pineapple juice A splash of grenadine ...and garnished with radish OR cucumber Brian's take: I got lucky at the lovely lysergic Lotus Lounge. Now, now, now–get your mind out of the gutter. My luck was wholly wholesome, and came in […]

A Unique Bronze Piece

Topaz Hotel 1733 N St. NW Splash of gin Organic black tea Honey Vodka! Brian's take: Maybe this is just me, but I have always considered tea and alcohol to occupy very separate spheres in my liquid life. I generally reserve tea for porches, breakfast nooks, camp stoves and coffee shops, and while alcohol certainly […]

The Mao Tao

M Bar Lounge 1143 New Hampshire Avenue. NW An ounce and a half of Grey Goose vodka, An ounce and a half of Malibu rum Pineapple juice Drizzle of grenadine ...and garnished with a cherry Brian's take: The Mao Tao artini at M Street Bar is delicious. The people like the Mao Tao, because it […]

Sargent Pepper’s Tango

Westend Bistro 1190 22nd Street NW A reduced gastrique syrup featuring caramelized sugar Fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice Dash of vinegar Coriander Ginger Christiana vodka ...and a bit of pepper on top Brian's take: Do you remember what it was like to be a kid trying to sleep on the night before a big vacation? The welling […]

The Bonapartini

Napoleon Bistro 1847 Columbia Road NW Grey goose vodka Blue curacao White cranberry juice Topped with Champagne... ...and garnished with a kiwi Brian's take: I have to say that the Bonapartini at Napoleon, while it may have the best name of any artini we've tried, was on the whole a rather bland affair. To be […]