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Chicago Transplant Endorses Chicago-Style Pizza at Penn Quarter’s District of Pi

Finally! Real Chicago-style pizza in D.C. We're talking about the "true deep-dish sauce-on-top" style of pie—not the buttery, thick-crusted stuff you find at Armand's Chicago Pizzeria and Uno's Chicago Grill. That's according to Eli Lehrer, vice president of the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based think tank. Writing in the Huffington Post, Lehrer visits the new District […]

How Much Pizza Is Too Much?

Y&H's good bud, Lou Cantolupo (aka Mr. Italian Beef), tipped me off to the wealth of high and low-end pizzerias along a two-mile strip of Wisconsin Avenue NW, from Friendship Heights to Cleveland Park. He counted 13 in all. During a quick trip down Wisconsin today, I snapped pictures of eight of them. Take a […]