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Even Michael Landrum Doesn’t Know What Michael Landrum Is Up To At Ray’s Hell Burger Too

“With my restaurants, I don’t know when they’re going to open, or what’s going to be on the menu, until the day before… Honestly, everything works, but I sort of just make stuff up as I go along.”—Restaurateur Michael Landrum, talking to ARLnow after abruptly shuttering Arlington's Ray's Hell Burger Too and posting a sign […]

Comments Come True: The Mona Lisa at Earl’s Sandwiches

Eating my way through your advice, an ambitious list of vegetarian sandwiches from 24 different restaurants.  More Comments Come True. A streak of customers curved around the perimeter of this tiny sandwich spot on Wilson Boulevard during the lunch hour one Thursday a few weeks ago. The last in line butted up against the door. A good sign. […]

A ‘Very Soft Opening’ Tonight At Michael Landrum’s No-Name, No-Menu Restaurant In Arlington

Y&H alum and Washingtonian critic Todd Kliman reports on the "very soft opening" of eccentric Ray's the Steaks proprietor Michael Landrum's new restaurant in Arlington tonight. The details are sketchy to say the least: “We don’t have a name, the menu is still to be decided, but there will be food and there will be […]

Move Over, Ambulance Chasers! This Lawyer Is Following The Food Trucks

In the Post, Y&H alum Tim Carman profiles attorney Bert Gall of the Institute for Justice in Arlington on his current mission in life: "suing the living daylights out of cities that dare to limit the free enterprise of street vendors." Gall's work spans nationwide but Carman takes the opportunity to check in on the […]

Report: Five Guys Is the Fastest Growing Restaurant Chain in America

NBC Washington draws our attention to the industry trade publication Store's Magazine, which has named the ubiquitous D.C.-area burger joint Five Guys as the fastest growing restaurant chain in the country. The business, which started out as a single location in Arlington in 1986, now boasts more than 750 locations across 40 states and parts […]

Quick Feeding: D.C.’s Chinatown Just Isn’t Double-Cooked Enough

Misfortune Cookie: "DC is no Beijing or Hong Kong, nor is it New York or San Francisco or Los Angeles. But there's no obvious reason that the city, accommodating a steady stream of cosmopolitan and international population, should be content dwelling in a cesspool of Chinese/ethnic food mediocrity." [The Atlantic] Head of the Class-Action: A […]

Quick Feeding: Brunch Bloggers Multiply and an On-Time Opening!

Fill That Niche: Finally! There's a blog that's documenting brunch options in Arlington! Will Bitches Who Brunch cross the river to compete? [Arlington Brunch Club via ARLNow] More Flooding Woes: At waterlogged Washington Harbour, Farmers and Fishers reports that it will lose an estimated $20,000-$40,000 each day that the restaurant is closed. [WBJ] Worth the […]

Quick Feeding: Relishing a Government Shutdown; Sietsema Hates the Word ‘Veggie’

Open for Business: The federal government may be shutting down, but that doesn't mean some of the city's hot restaurant areas, like H Street NE, will be dark. Tweets one neighborhood denizen: "Feds might shut down your computer, B'berry, send U home, but #HSt will be OPEN!! Great food, cold beer, baseball on big TVs. […]

Quick Feeding: Sbarro’s Bankruptcy News and Parisian Pastry Visions

Food Court News: Sbarro, which operates four locations in the District, including Union Station and the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, and will be restructured. The chain has been "[b]attered by the recession...[and] closed more than 150 restaurants in the past two years." [Bloomberg, […]

Late Night at Kabob Palace: Thankfully, No Chalupas

A random cab ride placed me at the front door of Kabob Palace in Crystal City for the first time nearly a decade ago. It was late, I was bombed, and I was hoping to avoid Taco Bell. My driver dropped me off and sped away, leaving me to jockey between a number of off-duty […]