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Argonaut Now Organizes Its Drink List By Women-Owned and Environmentally Friendly Brands

"With so many craft beers and wine, it becomes hard to distinguish between companies," says co-owner Scott Magnuson.

Ale You Can Eat: D.C. Chefs Tap into Craft Beer Craze

There’s a very subtle flavor lurking amid the bright dollops of foamy sunshine that surround some juicy cuts of venison on my plate at Ripple in Cleveland Park. It’s hard to put my finger on it, even as I dip that digit into the bubbly yellow glop and dab it on my tongue repeatedly. Beneath […]

Argonaut Down by Fire; Tavern Hopes to Re-Open By August

UPDATED: 5:47 p.m., 6/21/2010 The irrepressible Chris Shott has more information on the Sunday morning fire that closed down the Argonaut, one of Y&H's top five eateries for onion rings. (And if you've had the Arognaut's honey-drizzled rings, you know that's not damning with faint praise.) Shott also draws upon his past as a D.C. […]

Argonaut Back In Business After Brush with D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue

Joe Englert admits it's all his fault. Englert was hoping to negotiate a deal with the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue on his delinquent sales tax for the Argonaut. The owner says he was in talks with the OTR, but apparently that wasn't enough to stop the office today from revoking the Argonaut's sales […]

Another D.C. Beer Week? Yes, Please.

Update: Through some legal snafu, Brew at the Zoo will not be technically affiliated with D.C. Beer Week. All events are still on, though. For beer drinkers, this mostly means that you won't see them listed on the same poster. The Lagerheads piqued our interest earlier about a potential D.C. Beer Week in August that […]

A Day in a Life of a Writer for a Newspaper No One Knows About

[Editor's note: Joe Englert asked if he could write an account of his time with Young & Hungry, who followed around the nightlife mogul last week during our Average Day coverage. This is his unedited take.] By Joe Englert It is 7:45 a.m. and in walks writer Tim Carman sucking on a Starbucks like a […]