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Are You Gonna Eat That? Brine’s Plankton Bucatini

While it’s difficult to decipher the flavor of the plankton in the finished dish, chef John Critchley says on its own it tastes like an algae—“not like a pond, but more like an ocean bloom.”

Are You Gonna Eat That? Taylor Gourmet’s Hoagie Egg Rolls

The Taylor Roll is seriously spicy, cheesy, and greasy.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Baby Eels at Sushiko

The eels offer more of a textural experience than a deeply pronounced flavor.

Are You Gonna Drink That? Dram & Grain’s Turkey-Infused Whiskey Cocktail

Bartender Lukas Smith says his goal was to impart the drink with “a ramen-esque, bone stock quality.”

Are You Gonna Eat That? BLT Steak’s Foieffogato

Perhaps the most decadent and unconventional affogato of all time.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Taco Bamba’s Poutine Taco

“Once you’re eating a french fry taco, I think you’ve already decided to enjoy yourself, so why not make it spicy and load it up?”

Are You Gonna Eat That? Sushiko’s Fish Sperm and Eggs

This fishplosion of briny sea creatures is as much about texture as flavor.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Thip Khao’s Tree Ant Egg Laab Salad

“I call it Laos caviar,” says chef Seng Luangrath.

Are You Gonna Eat That? The Oval Room’s Blood Clams

They're hairy, too.

Are You Gonna Eat That? Thunder Burger’s Elk Burger (And Reindeer Coming Soon)

Wild Wednesdays, Rudolph-style, coming this month.