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Buy 150 Pizzas, And &pizza Will Pay For Your Tattoo

Just one of the perks of being a "maverick."

Sweetgreen Salad? There’s An App For That

Pesky credit cards! Sweetgreen is now making it possible for its customers to skip the swipe and pay and get rewards via mobile app. "It's kind of like Uber for salads," says co-founder Nic Jammet. Here's how it works: Once you download the app (available for iPhones and Androids), you enter your name and credit […]

Another Reason to Get an iPhone

We recently poked fun at an iPhone app that helps users find the nearest bar serving Stella Artois. (More useful would be an app that helps find bars that do not serve it.) There are literally hundreds of beer-themed apps available. Most that we've tried have proved utterly useless, though the numerous "beer goggles" apps […]