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Dish of the Week: Grilled Sardines at Bibiana

Technically, I guess this is more like Appetizer of the Week, but the sardine antipasto ($12) at Bibiana packs so many humble pleasures on one plate that I couldn't resist plugging a starter instead of an entree. Chef Nicholas Stefanelli buys his fresh whole sardines twice a week from Portugal, debones them in house, and […]

Dish of the Week: The Duck ‘Beggar’s Purse’ at Dino

Like a lot of chefs these days, Dean Gold, the boss man at Dino, buys whole animals. In his case, he buys whole Pekin ducks via D'Artagnan and butchers them in-house for the breast meat and legs. Some of the leftovers are reserved for stock. The neck skin and the offal, however, Gold saves for a sausage antipasto that […]

Vox Populi: Restaurant Rater meliakristin on 2Amys

How can you go to 2Amys and resist this pie? Meliakristin explains. Go to 2Amys for something other than pizza? That seems an act bordering on sacrilege, at least to this critic who still thinks Peter Pastan is turning out the best pies in town. But Restaurant Rater meliakristin's mind turns to other delicacies when […]

How to Throw a Stinkin’ Boitday for a Red Sauce Lover

Jim had been planning this thing—or "ting" as he had come to call it—for nearly a month. It started out as a simple birthday dinner for our friend Lou, he of the award-winning holiday cookie recipe. It practically turned into a quest to replicate the entire menu from the late, lamented A.V. Ristoranto. The immovable […]