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Got a Food or Restaurant Question? We’ll Answer It.

Why are bars and restaurants so crowded? Why is the license to make ice cream in D.C. almost prohibitively expensive? And where can you find South Carolina-style barbecue? Last year, you asked, and we answered. City Paper's Answers Issue will return in 2014, and our mystery-solving skills are at your service. What have you always wanted to […]

Restaurant Mysteries Solved

You have questions. We have answers. Lots of them. For this week's cover story, readers asked us about some of D.C.'s mysteries and quandaries, and we dug to the bottom of them. Check out the food and drink related questions below, then take a look at the full Answers Issue here. How much weight should […]

What Nagging Questions Do You Have About D.C.’s Dining Scene?

You don't have to spend long looking at the story comments on our website to see that Washington City Paper has some of the most opinionated readers in the city—and, we like to think, the very best. That's why, for an upcoming special issue, we're putting you in the assignment-editor chair. Specifically, we want your […]