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Bar Food Bites: Olympic Deal at Johnny’s Half Shell

Yesterday, Y&H awarded a gold medal to the Olympics-themed patio menu at Johnny’s Half Shell on Capitol Hill. The reason? Pricing. Each of the five British pub dishes printed in Old English on the special menu–cucumber sandwich, Welsh rarebit, fish and chips, ham and pork salad, and scotch egg–costs just $2.50. So, I cleaned out […]

The Butchers of Washington

When Red Apron Butchery announced in February that it would open a couple of local butcher shops this fall, including one in the District, I was thrilled. All things considered, I prefer my meat locally sourced and ethically raised—and to buy it from someone who can give me tips about the best cut for my […]

Mini-Review: Breakfast Tacos at Taqueria Nacional

Around lunchtime, Taqueria Nacional, a quaint corner eatery that's somewhat hidden behind Johnny’s Half Shell on the ground floor of a glassy Senate-side office building, is a notorious zoológico, with legendary long lines extending far out the front door. But, at breakfast, the scene is a heckuva lot more pacifica. Barely a dozen Capitol Hill […]

A Black Friday Shopping Guide for People Who’d Rather Eat

Allow me to offer a disclaimer before I start: You can trust my picks for the District's best shopping districts as much as you can trust Bernie Madoff's financial advice. Through years of selective focus, I can walk through any neighborhood and ignore all manner of shoe shops, clothing stores, and perfumeries, my mind singularly […]

Cashion’s Eat Place Closed for Renovations Until Aug. 31

As I was walking back to the office after my first Red Hook Lobster Pound truck experience in Adams Morgan — more on that later — I noticed that Cashion's Eat Place was closed for the evening. More than closed, in fact. Chairs were upturned and resting on tables, while workers were doing something inside. […]

Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Johnny’s Half Shell

The more I talk to Ann Cashion and John Fulchino, the more I’m amazed at their discipline to maintain such a tight focus with Johnny’s Half Shell. The longtime business partners have not only had to weather this turbulent economy, they’ve also had to suffer through the usual seasons of the Hill—namely, in session and […]

Smoking Out the Area’s Best Barbecue for Summer

If your Independence Day weekend was anything like mine, you ate a lot of smoke: smoked brisket, smoked ribs, smoked sausages, smoked corn. By the time our Fourth of July feast was ready on Sunday afternoon, I smelled like a crank shaft in an overheated Ford on a lonely stretch of Interstate 15 between Los […]

José Andrés, Ann Cashion to Donate Dish Proceeds to Gulf Coast Recovery Efforts

José Andrés will be the first to acknowledge that his part in the nationwide Dine Out for the Gulf Coast fundraiser amounts to, essentially, a "little gesture." Four of his Penn Quarter restaurants in the THINKfoodGROUP — Jaleo, Zaytinya, Oyamel, and Cafe Atlantico —will donate the proceeds from a selected dish that is, according to […]

Quote of the Week: Ann Cashion on Her ‘Gastronomic Mind’

Y&H was talking to Ann Cashion, the Beard Award-winning chef at Johnny's Half Shell, about her experiences with Maryland fried chicken. She has a funny, almost scarring story about a childhood encounter with the dish, circa 1969. I'll save that story for a future Young & Hungry column, but her anecdote was so vivid in […]

It’s Louisiana Crawfish Season But Where the Hell Can You Get Them?

One of the subjects in this mini-documentary on Louisiana crawfish claims that, at some point, 95 percent of the mud bugs were consumed right there in the Pelican State. "My first reaction was," the subject tells the camera crew, "'How are we letting the other 5 percent get away?'" Well, they certainly aren't sneaking their way to D.C., at […]