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Don’t Put Your Money on Kenny Winning ‘Top Chef’

Eater reported yesterday that Top Chef contestant (and enemy to Angelo) Kenny Gilbert was named executive chef at the PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Eater views this as a sign of the apocalypse — or at least a sign that Kenny doesn't win Top Chef D.C. In the sort of […]

‘Top Chef’ D.C. Episode II: The Bipartisandwich

How many of you felt a slight wave of nausea when Padma used the word, "Bipartisandwich" during the opening minutes of Top Chef D.C. last night? My nausea grew into a full-on case of dry heaves when the quick-fire challenge became the cooking equivalent of a three-legged race: Producers bound two chefs together in a […]

What’s the Current Line on ‘Top Chef’ Contestants?

Who will win Top Chef D.C.? calculates the percentages. See explanation below. Yeah, that's right. There's a sports book that's handicapping the cheftestants on Top Chef this season, and the odds-on favorite is not who you'd expect it to be. Despite publicly admitting that he wants to be the first contestant "to win every […]