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These Homegrown Restaurants Are Expanding Nationally

Founding Farmers announced a new location outside Philadelphia this week.

Amsterdam Falafelshop Offers a Pot Pairing Menu

Try some baba ganoush and beets with your OG Kush.

Amsterdam Falafelshop Promotes “Potlafel” In Honor of Marijuana Legalization

"Pick your favorite strain—be it Purple Haze, Super Diesel or White Widdow—and start topping!"

Amsterdam Falafelshop Opens in Clarendon

It's open until 3 a.m. on weekends.

Wave Your Veggies In The Air Like You Just Don’t Care: Amsterdam Falafelshop Plots a Flash Mob

Eater DC reports on a coordinated multi-target flash-mob attack by vegetable-wielding activists planned for this coming  Wednesday, Aug. 10, at high noon. The event, organized by the owners of Amsterdam Falafelshop, is intended to raise awareness for higher-quality vegetables in fast food restaurants. According to details of the demonstration, posted on the Adams Morgan falafel […]

Gird Your Arteries! Today Is National French Fry Day

Wednesday is National Fry Day, a day devoted to fried potatoes in all their greasy glory. Cardiologists be damned! As part of the nationwide celebrations, Et Voila! in the Palisades is dishing out free hand-cut frites during lunch and happy hour. Chef Claudio Pirollo is also conducting frite-making demonstrations throughout the day. I can think […]

Boston Pita Party: Amsterdam Falafelshop Eyeing Outpost in Beantown

The road to franchising your restaurant is paved with good intentions. Amsterdam Falafel proprietors Scott and Arianne Bennett would know: “To be honest, I was thinking about [franchising] from day one," says Scott. "We have a very franchisable model, so why not?” But, four years ago, when the Bennetts set out to open up a […]

That Dollar Lunch Dealie Is Kind Of Blowing Up

By now, you've undoubtedly heard about today's $1 lunch promotion offered by, honored at more than 100 eateries around town. The coupons entitle holders to upwards of $25 worth of food for just a buck, depending on the location. As of 11:30 a.m., more than 24,000 vouchers had been sold, according to the organizers. […]

Amsterdam Falafelshop Needs to Hire This Guy Fast

Greatest Falafel Picker In The World – Watch more Funny Videos Or at least add this nifty flip-and-catch routine to Amsterdam's training manual as the falafel shop starts taking over America.

Amsterdam Falafelshop Is Finally Ready to Take Over America

So the news broke this week that after years of working out the details, Amsterdam Falafelshop will finally start franchising its delicious fried chickpea concept. As Joe Spinelli told me on Monday, the Adams Morgan falafel operation could soon become a monster, with more than 100 shops within the next seven years. "This is going […]