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Last Night’s Leftovers: Skip The Spicy Tuna Edition

Spicy tuna rolls are "highly suspect" in salmonella outbreak affecting 19 states and D.C. [WTOP] Pizzaro has quietly opened in Shaw. [Prince of Petworth] More details on the new Maple, now open in Columbia Heights [Dining Bisnow] Here's a reason to visit America Eats Tavern [Don Rockwell] D.C.'s 2nd Annual American Lamb Jam is May […]

Gut Reaction: Boundary Road’s $15 PB&J With Foie Gras Is Decadent & Dinky

This is not a formal review, but rather an off-the-cuff first-impressions-style riff on a brand-spankin' new D.C. restaurant. "It's tiny!" the woman beside me chirps up when my order arrives. I'm sitting at the bar at Boundary Road, the newish eatery along H Street NE, which recently hosted a hugely publicized visit from President Barack […]

Gut Reaction: José Andrés’ Pricey Pepito Might Be Worth The Full Jackson

Y&H is loathe to heap any more praise on overly celebrated D.C. chef José Andrés. The guy has already won the coveted James Beard Award for "Outstanding Chef," after all, and has more publicists following him around than Jesus Christ. By and large, the food writers in this town tend to chronicle his every move […]

Chef José Andrés Joins National Archives Foundation

Where does he find the time? Even with seven D.C.-area restaurants, plus outposts in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, a new project in Puerto Rico and a new food truck rolling out in Miami—not to mention guest-lecturing at Harvard—James Beard Award-winning chef José Andrés still manages to free up some minutes to join the board […]

Cocktail Kvetching: D.C.’s Best Bars Snubbed By Food & Wine

Food & Wine has released its list of the "50 Best Bars In America." And, just like in national politics, D.C. representation is sorely lacking. Only one hotbed of booze in the entire District merits a mention on the vaunted list: The Passenger/Columbia Room near Mt. Vernon Square. Alexandria's PX, meanwhile, earns a nod on […]

What Are D.C.’s Most Worker-Friendly Restaurants? (Hint: Not Clyde’s)

A national restaurant workers’ organization on Thursday unveiled a handy new dining guide. This one rates restaurants not on their food, service and decor but instead on working conditions: things like wages, paid sick leave, occupational segregation—appetizing topics like that. A number of D.C.-area eateries are featured in the guide, not always in a positive […]

José Andrés Will Keep Slinging Pricey PB&Js, Crummy ‘Catsups’ Until July 2012

The supposedly temporary America Eats Tavern isn't shutting its doors any time soon. While the National Archives exhibit that inspired the pop-up eatery will finish up in January, restaurateur José Andrés tells WaPo critic Tom Sietsema that he intends to keep the makeshift house of watery "catsups" and $8 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches open […]

Price Check: America Eats’ PB&J, Once $10, Now Down To Eight Bucks

Somewhere between Y&H's early review of chef José Andrés hugely hyped and decidedly dissatisfying pop-up eatery America Eats Tavern and Y&H alum Todd Kliman's more recent critique of the place for Washingtonian, the price of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich there dropped from $10 to $8. Even with the 20 percent discount, it still […]

57 Reasons to Hate Homemade Ketchup

There may be no better embodiment of our collective condiment fetish than the National Harbor restaurant simply titled Ketchup. Its U-shaped bar glows in saucy neon red. Its walls feature artworks honoring the squeeze bottle. Its signature dish, the “threesome,” involves three styles of French fries accompanied by six kinds of ketchup—a kinky comfort food […]

Minibar Is Back On Sept. 1! (And, Yes, You’re Too Late To Book A Seat)

Minibar, ranked No. 1 on City Paper's list of "D.C.'s 44 Most Powerful Restaurants" (because "booking a reservation is harder than rescheduling a flight during a hurricane"), resumes service beginning Thursday, Sept. 1. Chef José Andrés' six-seat avant-garde "restaurant within a restaurant" has been on hiatus since July as the eatery that once housed it, […]