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How Other Businesses on Barracks Row Feed Off Rose’s Luxury’s Popularity

A slew of businesses are just waiting to take in Rose's rejects, and there's a cottage industry of people who are paid to wait in line.

Remixology: Make Us A Drink With Chia Seeds

If only the bartender knew to soak the chia seeds...

Spirit Animals: New Bars Are Diving Deep on Rakia, Mezcal, and Absinthe. What Are They Drinking?

The bartender at Adams Morgan’s Libertine slides the absinthe fountain in front of us, opening the faux-silver spigot and letting out a slow drip. The water falls on a slotted spoon of brown sugar, dissolving it into a curvy glass of French Absinthe Blanchette—one of more than 30 varieties of the anise-flavored spirit on the […]

Small Plates, Big Money

Two frequent gripes plague small plate restaurants: 1) The prices 2) servers telling you how many dishes you should order per person. The number is often too large, and consequently, the final tab is often too much. I called up six tapas-style restaurants to see how many dishes they recommend for dinner, then stacked up […]

Ambar Owners Bringing Latin Small Plates to Serbia

Ambar partners Ivan Iricanin and celebrity chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, who partnered together on Masa 14 and El Centro D.F., are now in the process of opening a restaurant in Iricanin's home country of Serbia. The "Latin gastropub" called Toro will be a more casual spin-off of Sandoval's Dubai pan-Latin restaurant Toro Toro, which is also […]

The Borscht Beltway

D.C.’s isn’t exactly awash in Eastern European fare, one reason two recent additions to the dining scene are so welcome. In January, Russian restaurant Mari Vanna opened in Dupont Circle and Serbian eatery Ambar debuted on Barracks Row. Sure, you probably know your borscht and blinis. Here are some other dishes you’ll want to try—and […]

Ambar Brings Rakia and Balkan Small Plates to Barracks Row

D.C. gets its first modern Balkan restaurant with the opening of Ambar on Barracks Row today. Owner Ivan Iricanin, who's also a partner in Masa 14 and El Centro D.F.,  says he's been waiting for the chance to open a restaurant paying homage to his home country of Serbia since he moved to the U.S. […]