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Molecular Gastronomer R.J. Cooper Makes Me a Sandwich [VIDEO]

Say this about audacious Rogue 24 chef R.J. Cooper: the man can be a gracious host. I mean, you ask the James Beard Award-winning, liquid nitrogen-wielding cook to kindly cut it out with the foams, gels and other things that sound like hair products and instead "just make me a sandwich." And, sure enough, the […]

Enter Our Contest to Serve as Judge at Taste of Georgetown

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time of year again when Y&H gives you the opportunity to feed your inner ego. This year's Taste of Georgetown is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 9 in — you guessed it — Georgetown, and Y&H is hosting a contest in which you could be a judge at the event. How […]

Obama Ate Here: The Working Map

Alex Nicholson over at BrightestYoungThings got bored and decided to put together a Google map on where the Obama family has eaten since they moved into the White House. As Nicholson writes, "If you tell your boss you are making an 'Obama Ate Here' Google Map, and she says it's a good idea, it's okay […]