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Veg Day on Y&H: A Postscript

The seasonal pumpkin-tapioca dessert at New Kam Fong From the look of things, y'all have a strong interest in vegetarian food. Yesterday, the Y&H blog had some of its highest traffic numbers ever for a Monday, which, of course, is not why we do these kind of themed days. We do them in the name […]

The Unusual Economics of Almaz’s Gondar Fine Dining Service

Mike and Elizabeth Bober, Y&H's friends over at Capital Spice, were the ones to introduce me to the Gondar Fine Dining service at Almaz, the subject of this week's column. On their blog, the husband-and-wife team have posted a bite-by-bite break down of our dinner together at Almaz, and I think, between our two pieces, you get a good […]

Why Do Ethiopians Eat So Much Raw Meat?

You likely know about kitfo, the finely chopped beef mixed with spiced Ethiopian butter and served with awaze or a berbere spice blend or fresh crumbled cheese. (Or perhaps all three at once.) If you're lucky — and don't look like a total Anglo wimp — the Ethiopian restaurant at which you've ordered kitfo will serve it to […]