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Brew In Town: Allagash Black

Allagash Black Where In Town: 1 West Dupont Circle Wines and Liquors, 2012 P St. NW Price: $12.99/750 ml Black and White and Drunk All Over At first glance, Allagash Brewing of Portland, Maine, can seem a little monochromatic: Its flagship Allagash Black (a Belgian-style stout) and Allagash White (a Belgian-style wheat ale) don’t seem […]

The Super List: June 2010

In these last days of 2010, thinking about New Year's resolutions made me realize I didn't quite follow through on one from last year. The Super List, my plan to thumb through my beer journal at the end of each month and post a list of beers I deemed worthy of a "super" rating, dropped off […]