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Pastry Chef Alison Reed Leaves Ripple

Ripple pastry chef Alison Reed has parted ways with the Cleveland Park eatery and is headed to Kansas, where she plans to open a bakery of her own. Reed grew up in Kansas but has lived in D.C. for the past nine years, working for places like Cafe Saint-Ex and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. This […]

What To Eat Tonight: Maple Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich With Waffle Cookies at Sugar Magnolia

Temperatures are expected to climb into the 70s on this early spring day—ideal conditions for an ice cream sandwich. Especially a gourmet maple-bacon ice cream sandwich made with waffle cookies. Sugar Magnolia, the brand spankin' new treats shop in Cleveland Park, brought to you by the proprietors of the similarly Grateful Dead song-titled Ripple, is […]

How Many Grateful Dead Songs Can Roger Marmet Turn Into D.C. Restaurants?

Today's announcement that Ripple owner Roger Marmet would be opening a new mini gourmet market called Sugar Magnolia, located right next door to his existing Cleveland Park eatery, had Y&H wondering about the restaurateur's branding strategy. I mean, really? Ripple? Sugar Magnolia? Sounds like somebody dusted off an old LP (specifically, the Grateful Dead's 1970 […]