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This Recipe Might Self-Destruct Amid Industry Belt-Tightening

What's the biggest daily newspaper in town spending these days on recipe testing? Around $15,000 annually, according to a report by Y&H alum Tim Carman in the Post. This is to ensure that the churros you're making: (a) don't suck, and (b) don't explode in your face like they did in Chile, injuring 13 and […]

Cooking With Herbs: The Alice B. Toklas Recipe That Carole Greenwood Won’t Cook

[WARNING: Do not attempt this at home. Unless maybe you have a qualifying medical condition. If you do, please consult your doctor and/or lawyer as results may vary.] Tonight, at Artisphere in Arlington, celebrated D.C. chef Carole Greenwood hosts a special $150-per-person "pop-up culinary adventure," inspired by one of the best-selling cookbooks of all time, […]