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The Truly Awful Thing About the Cupcake Craze: The Wasteful Packaging

Cupcakes from the Bakeshop Everyone, it seems, is going bonkers about cupcakes. Sometimes I like to kid myself that I hate cupcakes, just because they're so freaking popular, but I don't. I'm not crazy about some of the cupcake culture — mostly, the exclusive, Georgetown boutique ambiance of some cupcakeries — but by and large […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits on Young & Hungry

Domino's Pizza: Perhaps doesn't suck as hard as it used to? The snowmageddon has laid waste to most of our weekend plans here at Y&H Central, which is a pisser. Maybe Carrie and I will, instead, take part in the urban adventure offered by a few restaurants and bars, which are planning to ride the […]

Cupcake Craze Hits NoVa: Alexandria and Clarendon Shops Open

If you had suggested 10 years ago that designer cupcakeries, selling cute little treats at $3 a pop, would one day compete with donut shops for our sweet tooth's attention, I would have backed away slowly, hoping I could escape before your thoughts turned to Armageddon and Christ's second coming. But these days, I'm starting to feel like […]