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Southeast Asian “Expat Bar” in Petworth Will Be Named Alfie’s

Chef Alex McCoy's restaurant is slated to open in November.

Chefs Are Working With Farmers to Custom-Grow Obscure Ingredients

Where'd those marshmallow flowers and dragon egg cucumbers come from?

D.C. Food Network Star Contestant Will Open Southeast Asian “Expat Bar” in Petworth

Chef Alex McCoy is taking the idea of the expat bars he encountered while traveling throughout Southeast Asia and opening one up at home.

These Dishes Are Not What They Seem

Edible tromp l'oeil—dishes that look like one thing but are something else altogether—are a hallmark of avant-grade cuisine. But two new, more casual eateries—Duke's Grocery and Thally—are serving vegetarian dishes that might deceive you until you dig in. No imitation bacon included. At Duke's Grocery, chef Alex McCoy prepares faux escargots ($7) that look like […]

From East London to East Dupont: Duke’s Grocery Opens Tomorrow

East London-inspired cafe/pub/market Duke's Grocery will begin offering internationally inspired sandwiches tomorrow for dinner and lunch, beginning at 11 a.m. The Dupont restaurant comes from former Rugby Cafe and Glover Park's Kitchen 2404 chef Alex McCoy, who spent some of his childhood in London, and Daniel Kramer, who organizes tasting tours like the DC Beerathon, […]

Duke’s Grocery Will Bring East London to East Dupont

The royal baby isn't the only good news for anglophiles in D.C. An East London-inspired cafe and market called Duke's Grocery is in the works for the east Dupont spot formerly occupied by Cafe Green. It's set to open in a month or so. The eatery comes from former Rugby Cafe and Kitchen 2404 chef Alex McCoy, […]