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First 50 Lunch Customers Get Free Paninis at Alba Osteria Today

The paninis are $12 normally.

The Only Guide You’ll Need to Snow Food and Drink Specials (Updated)

The snow may keep you from work or school, but from the bar? Never. Behold, your snow day food and drink specials below. Know of other deals? Email us at Alba Osteria If at least 4 inches of snow accumulate in D.C. by 5 p.m., the restaurant will offer a bottomless dinner for $35 per person. […]

Six Bottomless Brunch Bargains

Bottomless brunches may be a time-tested method for forestalling a weekend’s inevitable hangover via the ingestion of rubbery eggs Benedict and watery mimosas. Luckily, a handful of local brunch haunts offer all-you-can-eat or -drink menus that are both palatable and reasonably priced. This weekend, skip the $40-plus food-as-an-afterthought spots, and get a decent midday buzz […]

Sauce-O-Meter: How the Week’s Food Happenings Measure Up

Put Foie Gras on Everything at Alba Osteria

What goes with everything? Foie gras, apparently. Alba Osteria, the recently opened Piedmontese Italian restaurant in Mount Vernon Triangle, lets diners add a duck liver to any pasta, entree, antipasti, or pizza for an additional $12. Foie gras—which involves force feeding a duck or goose to fatten up its liver—has "kind of gotten, obviously, a bad rap […]

The 10 Wackiest Repurposed Items in Restaurant Decor

Reclaimed barnwood? Psh. Restaurants have been using that for years now. But designers of many new eating and drinking establishments are finding plenty of other repurposed items to integrate into the decor. Behold, some of the most ridiculous, and occasionally awesome, recycled light fixtures, stools, purse hooks, and more. Tractor seat stools at Southern Efficiency: Windows and […]

Osteria Morini vs. Alba Osteria

2013 was the year of osterias. Osteria Marzano arrived in Alexandria, while Ovvio Osteria opened in Merrifield. In the District, New York transplant Osteria Morini debuted in Navy Yard, and Roberto Donna-helmed Alba Osteria opened earlier this week near Mt. Vernon Square. Elisir changed to Elisir Osteria in its more casual rebrand. And Alphonse Italian […]

Piedmontese-Inspired Restaurant Alba Osteria Will Open Dec. 30

Al Dente chef Roberto Donna will reunite with Amy Brandwein, his former chef at tax-plagued Galileo, at a new northern Italian restaurant called Alba Osteria, opening Dec. 30. "It's different," Donna says. "Before she used to work for me, now we work together... We're really a team." Their boss? Hakan Ilhan, who also owns Al Dente […]