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Declaration Opens in Shaw on Saturday With Colonial-Inspired Pizzas

Yes, there's pizza. No, it's not Italian.

Cellular Gastronomy: Restaurants’ Love-Hate Relationship With Your Phone

When I walk into the International Language Institute, the small, dingy lobby is empty—except for a guy sitting next to the elevator. Is this actually the right way to the new  Dupont “speakeasy” from Good Stuff Eatery’s Spike Mendelsohn and lobbyist/Kabin owner Vinoda Basnayake? It doesn’t look like the entrance to a bar with studded […]

Stall Tactics: Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think

When Constantine Stavropoulos first opened Tryst in Adams Morgan, he couldn’t figure out why the wall-mounted sink in the men’s restrooms kept breaking. “I was really going crazy, like what is going on here?” he recalls. Then he came across a website—he doesn’t remember which—that listed Tryst’s restrooms as a hotspot for, well, trysts. “I […]

Bison Tartare and Barrel-Aged Cocktails at Teddy & The Bully Bar (Now Open)

It's not just the monocle chandelier, the rifle light fixtures, and the Mount Rushmore wall that pay homage to Theodore Roosevelt at Teddy & The Bully Bar, which opened yesterday at 19th and M streets NW. Nearly everything you eat and drink is in someway inspired by him. Chef Michael Hartzer researched Roosevelt's eating preferences and the locations […]

Nine Quirky Design Details at Teddy & The Bully Bar

Theodore Roosevelt-themed restaurant Teddy & The Bully Bar is getting ready to open downtown on June 24. It's the second presidential-inspired eatery from restaurateur Alan Popovsky, who also owns Lincoln Restaurant. And like Lincoln, which has about a million pennies embedded in the floor, Teddy has some clever decor details from O'Neill Studios' Maggie O'Neill. She and Popovsky walked Y&H […]

The President Ate Here: What Happens When Barack Obama Dines Out?

It was just after 1 p.m. on a recent Friday when the rumors began to circulate that a VIP guest was coming. Before long, police had blocked off a section of H Street NE, and a big white tent appeared in front of Smith Commons. Crowds swarmed around the edge of the barrier taking photos. […]

Obama Visits Lincoln Restaurant

At last, President Barack Obama has visited D.C.'s presidential-themed eatery, Lincoln. Earlier today, Obama lunched with four winners of the "Lunch with Barack" contest at the restaurant, which has has about a million pennies on the floor and  Emancipation Proclamation on an LED-lit wall. Word is the Lincoln fan ate the "all-natural burger" with cheddar […]

Here’s Video of Alan Popovsky Showing Off Lincoln’s Lascivious Lavatory

This week's City Paper cover story explores the bizarre phenomenon of sexy bathroom artwork in D.C. restaurants. One stop on our tour of the city's most lascivious lavatories: Lincoln restaurant in downtown D.C. Here's the video I mentioned, filmed by the online news service Dining Bisnow, in which proprietor Alan Popovsky shows off the place. […]

Bread Is Dead: Cutting Costs (and Carbs), D.C. Eateries Abandon the Dinner Roll

Washington Post food critic Tom Sietsema takes note of a rising trend at area restaurants: the death of the bread basket. He cites D.C. eateries Sax, Lincoln, Lost Society, and Brasserie Brightwell in Easton, Md., among those abandoning the complimentary dinner roll. Some operators explain it as cost-cutting measure. Lincoln's Alan Popovsky, meanwhile, cites a […]

Lincoln Will Outlive Obama, Restaurateur Alan Popovsky Asserts

In the course of reporting this week's Young & Hungry column on D.C.'s Lincoln eatery, I asked proprietor Alan Popovsky point-blank whether the curiously contemporary-yet-historical concept was just some massive ploy to lure President Obama, himself a noted Abraham Lincoln buff and arguably the best restaurant promoter in town these days, to come check out […]