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Bardo Brewpub Tapping 14-Year-Old Keg From Its Old Brewery

Bardo Brewpub, the open air bar on Bladensburg Road NE that has become a popular spot to catch an outdoor movie, play cornhole, or sit and drink beer while your dog roams around the 15,000 square-foot lot, will be pouring an ultra rare beer next weekend. On Saturday, Oct. 26, at 3 p.m., Bardo will tap […]

$8,000 for a Bottle of Beer? Oh, The Insanity!

We've written before about the aged-beer craze, but this is getting out of hand. This Saturday, the auctioneers Henry Aldridge and Son will host the bidding for a bottle of Lowenbrau lager that survived the 1937 crash of the Hindenburg near Lakehurst, New Jersey. The zeppelin was completely destroyed when it caught fire and exploded, killing […]