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Prime Opportunity at 14th & U Streets NW?

Interested in opening a brick-and-mortar food business at 14th and U streets NW? Don't think about the southwest corner, where a big redevelopment project is planned. The southeast corner is occupied, and the northeast corner is spoken for, too. As Young & Hungry's colleague Lydia DePillis reports on Housing Complex, there's likely to be an […]

The Death of Ben Ali: What Others Had to Say

If you ever doubted the fame of Ben Ali and the tiny chili stand he started in 1958, all you have to do is look at the news coverage detailing his death yesterday. News outlets across the country either ran the AP story or wrote short, tribute-oriented pieces of their own. Here are a few […]

White House Farmers Market Draws Criticism Before Its Opening

The traffic is outrageous on Vermont Ave. during rush hour! No one needs to tell you, least of all Y&H, that in this blog-eat-blog, 24-hour news-cycle world everyone is required to have an opinion. But, really, shouldn't everyone wait until the object under criticism has actually opened? I'm speaking about the new FreshFarm Market by […]

This Week’s Greatest Hits from the Young & Hungry Blog

Thanks to a Huffington Post mention, Mike DeBonis' item last week about Adrian Fenty and Michelle Obama lunching at Georgia Brown's took the top honors this week. After DeBonis' upset win, the Top 5 settled down into the usual Young & Hungry mix of posts, which apparently aren't good enough for Huffington. Can You Blame […]

Adrian Fenty Lunches with Michelle Obama at Georgia Brown’s

So says Reliable Source. Seriously, Georgia Brown’s? Dunno if that was your idea, Mr. Mayor, or yours, Mrs. First Lady, but you both need some better culinary counsel. I mean, how much more Clintonian can you get? LL thought this was a new day for America! UPDATE, 4:45 P.M.: Apparently GB’s was the Fentys’ idea. […]