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Young & Hungry Dining Guide by the Day: Proof

Mixologist Adam Bernbach Proof owner Mark Kuller (or whoever deserves the credit here) was smart to distance his Penn Quarter establishment from the wine-bar craze of a couple of years ago. Proof, the argument went, isn’t a place to stop and sip. It’s a full-service restaurant that just happens to have a wine list more […]

So You Want to be a Cocktail Nerd? Pt. III

One of the truly defining characteristics of being a cocktail nerd is making your own ingredients–syrups, tinctures, cordials and–the granddaddy of them all–bitters. Bitters are essential to the cocktail, which, incidentally, was first defined in 1806 in a Hudson, New York newspaper called the Balance & Columbian Repository as containing spirits, water, sugar and bitters.

Here’s the Pitch: Adam Bernbach Prepares a Koufax

In this week's Young & Hungry column, Proof mixologist Adam Bernbach explains why he named his rye-based cocktail the "Koufax." In this slide show, created by photographer Darrow Montgomery and online producer Ted Scheinman, Bernbach shows us how he makes the golden cocktail — and where he drew his inspiration.

Spot Check: Bar Pilar

The drink sounds right out of the Adam Bernbach school of mixology: a classic Paloma prepared with a nod toward history and a concern for quality ingredients. Bar Pilar’s Paloma mixes hibiscus-infused Centenario Rosangel tequila, fresh lime juice, and IZZE sparkling grapefruit soda in a pink salt-rimmed glass. Everything about this drink makes you want […]

Adam Bernbach Back Behind the Bar Tonight

Bernbach plans to feel out Proof before charging ahead. After a brief hiatus from the bar, mixologist Adam Bernbach, a twice-decorated City Paper Best of D.C. winner, takes up the shaker again tonight as he begins his latest gig as bar manager at Proof, the wine-centric Penn Quarter restaurant, which is suddenly cocktail cool, too. […]

Food News You Can Use: Playing Catch-Up Edition

Hello, more cupcakes: Georgetown expands into Bethesda Over the past few weeks, Y&H has been on his own personal binge-and-purge campaign — binge as much as humanly possible at local restaurants and purge the details in the upcoming Young & Hungry Dining Guide, which should hit the streets on Thursday. I'm not complaining. I'm just […]

All the Food News You Can Use: Playing Catchup

After all the is-he-or-isn't-he Michel Richard news, the baguette competition, and Food Day, Y&H has barely had a moment to pet his wife and kiss his dog. Or is that vice versa? Whatever, it's time to play catch up on some of the news and opinion floating out there. Prince of Petworth sort of, kind […]

Daily Food Blog Roundup: From Tiki to Lakshmi

It's Friday, people, which means it's time to start thinking about drinks, hamburgers, and mayonnaise. Not necessarily in that order. Amuse Bouche is carrying a torch for the Tiki bar revival. Michael Ruhlman confesses to his love for making mayonnaise. It's apparently a visual thing, which may be a guy thing, come to think of […]