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Eat Your Animals: Where to Find Exotic Proteins on D.C. Area Menus

Chow down on elk, antelope, and alligator.

How Restaurant Week Really Works

All this week, Mintwood Place chef Cedric Maupillier will show up an hour earlier to work and leave an hour later. He’s also reinforced the troops: an additional cook, server, food runner, and busser. This is not a week for kitchen rookies. This is the week to bring in the people who’ve already proven themselves. […]

What To Eat Tonight: Creole All Across Town

Tonight: yes, it's Fat Tuesday and that means your local Louisiana-themed eatery (of which there are many, these days) is probably doing something to celebrate. Bayou, for one, is hosting an all-you-can-eat buffet of New Orleans-style cuisine from noon until 9 p.m. Other celebratory venues include Acadiana, Bayou Bakery—heck, even Michel Richard's Central is getting […]

What To Eat Today: Mardi Gras Fare Galore

Today: the Fat Tuesday festivities begin early with a crawfish boil at Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, starting at noon. Acadiana then kicks off its Mardi Gras celebration at 3:30 p.m. with a four-course prix fixe dinner. Arlington's Bayou Bakery is next on the parade route, with its own four-course dinner, starting at 6 p.m. Coming […]

I Have a Dream (of Pecan Crusted Chicken): D.C. Restos Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

In honor of the 48th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous "I Have a Dream" speech, several D.C. eateries are paying homage to the slain civil rights leader by way of various menu specials. Among them: “The King’s Speech,” a promotional cocktail at DC Coast and Acadiana , as well as “The Dream," […]

Who Dat?: D.C.’s New Louisiana and Cajun Restaurants

A tall Air Force officer walks into the new and low-ceilinged Cajun Experience restaurant in Dupont Circle, to pick up a carry-out order. He asks owner Bryan Crosswhite, who is situated on a bar stool, chatting and fiddling around with a broken door handle, if he knows of a dish called “gumbo-laya,” an admittedly fusion-y […]

Know Your Kojo: Nnamdi’s a Man of Routine and Food Familiarity

Last week, Tim Carman profiled WAMU-FM's Kojo Nnamdi, one of the D.C. area's best voices on food who might be best described as a "reluctant foodie." In a follow-up item, Carman notes some of Nnamdi's favorite places to eat around town. He sticks largely to what he knows. Nnamdi loves the Hitching Post off Rock […]

Food News You Can Use: Bourbon Classes and Scented Billboards

It's just another manic Monday, which means of course, it's time for the news. Let's get to it. C'est la vie: neighborhood pet shop Chateau Animaux is set to become not one, but two new restaurants. (ANC Norm) What's that smell? Restaurants have started using scented billboards to attract customers on America's highways. Imagine if […]

Acadiana, Cowboy Cafe Have Your Crawfish Boils

Remember my rant last month about the District's lack of Louisiana crawfish and the big communal boils that are so common down south during Lent? Well, the post-Lenten season is here — and so are the Louisiana mudbugs. Not one but two restaurants are now hosting crawfish boils. Acadiana starts up its weekly boil on […]

It’s Louisiana Crawfish Season But Where the Hell Can You Get Them?

One of the subjects in this mini-documentary on Louisiana crawfish claims that, at some point, 95 percent of the mud bugs were consumed right there in the Pelican State. "My first reaction was," the subject tells the camera crew, "'How are we letting the other 5 percent get away?'" Well, they certainly aren't sneaking their way to D.C., at […]