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First Regionally Produced Absinthe Makes D.C. Debut at Libertine Today

Mt. Defiance Cidery & Distillery's absinthe is loosely based on a Parisian recipe from 1857.

Spirit Animals: New Bars Are Diving Deep on Rakia, Mezcal, and Absinthe. What Are They Drinking?

The bartender at Adams Morgan’s Libertine slides the absinthe fountain in front of us, opening the faux-silver spigot and letting out a slow drip. The water falls on a slotted spoon of brown sugar, dissolving it into a curvy glass of French Absinthe Blanchette—one of more than 30 varieties of the anise-flavored spirit on the […]

Try 30 Types of Absinthe at Libertine, Now Open in Adams Morgan

Once-outlawed absinthe is the main attraction at not one, but two bars that have opened in less than two weeks. First there was La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy), a "speakeasy-style club" serving absinthe-based cocktails from the rooftop of Mova Lounge. The bar requires guests to text to a secret number to make a reservation. Thankfully, […]

Chinatown Coffee Co. to Get Its Drink On

Chinatown Coffee Co. has decided stimulants aren't enough. It's getting into the depressants game, too. Co-owner Max Brown says the coffee shop has applied for a liquor license with the hopes of pouring beer, wine, and absinthe within two months or so. Brown is clearly jazzed about the planned absinthe bar, which will prepare each drink in the […]